CDS Mentor

The power to create
immersive digital
training experiences

CDS Mentor enables manufacturing companies to create intuitive and powerful electronic work instructions. Using this intuitive platform, trainers can create unique digital visualizations and immersive training experiences to deliver knowledge and expertise to frontline workers.

CDS Mentor is a SaaS solution for the creation of digital work instructions training for manufacturers and engineers

Markets we serve:

aviation, aerospace and defense – automotive – industrial trading and distribution

industrial services, materials, machinery – construction – electronics

industrial machinery and components

Why 3D Virtual Training?

The revolution is unfolding

Interactive digital work instructions replace traditional paper-based or static electronic work instructions

They are designed for maximum user comprehension, transmitting even the most complex information clearly and quickly


Content formats include interactive 3D CAD models, animations and visualizations to provide highly effective documentation


They reduce field downtime, scrap, rework and waste


Implementation of interactive digital work instructions provides value from R&D to higher employee satisfaction rates, faster times to market and more

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Trusted by leading industrial companies

Time and cost to train the printer production workforce are increasingly challenging, Mentor’s immersive 3D interactive training helps frontline workers better learn, retain, and leverage tribal knowledge to achieve higher quality and safety.

Jean-Christophe Combe, Advanced Manufacturing Engineering Manager at Markem-Imaje

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