CDS Mentor’s new feature – GLTF and GLB File Upload Enabled

7 July 2023

CDS Mentor redefines the concept of work instructions by incorporating immersive 3D models into the process. Unlike traditional static manuals, Mentor enables users to create dynamic, step-by-step instructions that guide workers through complex procedures with unparalleled clarity. By visualizing instructions in a realistic 3D environment, users can better understand the intricacies of a task, reducing errors and improving overall efficiency.

Introducing GLTF and GLB File Uploads:

With the latest update, Mentor now allows users to upload GLTF (GL Transmission Format) and GLB (GL Binary) files. These file formats are widely used for 3D models and offer a range of benefits for creating immersive work instructions.

By uploading GLTF and GLB files, Mentor users can incorporate high-fidelity 3D models into their work instructions. This feature gives you benefit by:

– Fast loading times due to compact file sizes

– Future-proofing due to a modern file format

Moreover, the ability to upload GLTF and GLB files ensures compatibility across different devices and platforms, making the instructions accessible to a wide range of users.

This also enables users to leverage 3rd party tools like Blender to optimize their 3D models in GLTF or GLB format. For larger files optimization, users can clean up the CAD model by removing unnecessary geometry, hidden objects, or excessive vertices in Blender and export back optimized GLTF or GLB file to use in Mentor.

The inclusion of GLTF and GLB file upload capabilities in Mentor marks a significant milestone in the evolution of 3D work instructions. By embracing these file formats, Mentor empowers users to create immersive and interactive instructions that improve efficiency, reduce errors, and enhance collaboration.

Embrace the power of Mentor’s new GLTF and GLB file upload feature and unlock the full potential of your work instructions today!