Introducing 2D and 3D Blended Workflows for Enhanced Clarity

31 August 2023

In the dynamic world of manufacturing and production, efficiency and precision are paramount. To empower industries with even more comprehensive and intuitive work instructions, we are thrilled to introduce our latest feature: the ability to create 2D-based work instructions, seamlessly integrated with images, videos, and PDF files, alongside our existing 3D work instructions.

A New Dimension of Instruction:

Imagine a scenario where intricate machinery needs to be assembled or complex processes need to be followed. While 3D work instructions have been a game-changer, we understand that certain details might be better illustrated through 2D visuals like machining or packaging instructions. With this new feature, users can effortlessly incorporate 2D diagrams, images, schematics, and blueprints, enabling a higher level of precision in conveying steps and processes.

Visualizing Complexity with Images:

Visual learning is incredibly powerful. Now, users can seamlessly insert images into their work instructions, providing real-life references that clarify intricate steps. High-resolution images can be employed to highlight critical components, display intricate connections, and provide visual cues that guide workers with unparalleled clarity. Whether it’s a close-up of a specific part or an overview of the entire process, images add a tangible layer to instructions.

Step-by-Step Clarity through Videos:

Sometimes, a moving image speaks volumes. The incorporation of videos takes instructional clarity to another level. Users can now attach videos that depict every step of a process, from start to finish. These videos can offer dynamic demonstrations of complex manoeuvres, fostering a deeper understanding of the task at hand. Visual learners will appreciate the opportunity to follow along with a real-time guide.

Seamless PDF Integration:

Many industries heavily rely on PDF documentation. Our new feature acknowledges this by allowing users to embed PDF files within their work instructions. Whether it’s a technical manual, a safety guideline, or a datasheet, the ability to include PDFs ensures that all relevant information is conveniently accessible within the same interface.

Blending the Best of Both Worlds:

The true power of our enhanced work instructions lies in the ability to blend 2D visuals, images, videos, and PDFs with our existing 3D instructions. So not only 3D work instruction, user can choose to create 2D instruction or blend both of the worlds. This hybrid approach caters to different learning styles, making sure that every worker can engage with instructions in a way that resonates with them. The synergy between 2D and 3D elements creates an immersive learning experience that boosts productivity and minimizes errors.

User-Friendly Interface:

Adopting this new feature doesn’t require a steep learning curve. Our intuitive interface ensures that creating blended work instructions is as straightforward as ever.