Want to cut training time in half?

29 November 2023

CDS Mentor digital training and work instructions will do just that

What if you could quickly and easily produce digital work instructions and training materials for onboarding new hires and training your frontline workforce? Immersive digital training has been shown to reduce training time by up to 50% and cut maintenance downtime by 47%. Those sorts of time savings translate into big financial gains, and there are other benefits too.

What is CDS Mentor?

CDS Mentor is an immersive virtual electronic work instruction solution that has been designed to provide manufacturing and engineering companies with an intuitive and powerful learning platform. By using CDS Mentor to create your work instructions, you’ll ensure the smooth running of all operational tasks and save time on both training and routine maintenance.

The benefits of digital work instructions

Across any manufacturing process, work instructions provide precise step-by-step guidance for required tasks, equipment maintenance and training of new workers. Being able to produce clear, concise work instructions is key to running a streamlined and efficient operation. Ensuring that they are easy to follow and understand will save both time and money across all areas of your business.

Work instructions provide the exact details on the way a specific task should be carried out, ensuring consistent results across teams, shifts and locations. Not only do they ensure the smooth running of multiple tasks, but they can reduce errors and accidents. They form an integral element of training and onboarding new hires. Traditionally, work instructions might have been provided as a written document or a PDF, but in today’s world digital work instructions have become the norm.

It’s time to change to a digital learning platform

As older members of the workforce retire, the nature of your frontline personnel is changing. The new generation of workers have grown up in the digital age. Technology is ubiquitous and these digital natives have adopted new ways of learning.

According to John Major, founder and general manager of CDS Visual, “They tend to be visual learners, preferring to process information through images and videos, rather than text-based media. As a result, traditional training methods such as reading manuals and attending classroom sessions are not so effective in engaging these workers.” Of course, one-on-one live training is great, but it takes experienced workers away from their own tasks.  This is where digital and augmented reality experiences can make a huge difference. Training time tends to be shorter and the learning outcomes are better.

Why use CDS Mentor for your digital instructions and training?

Using a program such as CDS Mentor to create your digital work instructions and training materials carries significant advantages:

Harvinder Narula, Senior Product Manager at CDS Visual, sums it up: “The benefits are multiple, including a reduction in the cost of errors, waste and accidents, matched by improved safety, compliance and efficiency. It makes training much quicker and tasks have a shorter learning curve, resulting in better first-time fix rates.”

Visit the CDS Mentor website to see a product demo or to arrange a 14-day free trial.