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CDS Mentor is an out-of-the-box, intuitive, and powerful solution for manufacturing companies to create and deliver 3D work instructions, and immersive digital 3D training experiences.

Our digital work instruction platform utilizes 3D visualization to deliver knowledge and expertise to your companies’ frontline workers. Mentor is a cloud-based SaaS offering that enables the transformation of existing CAD to step-by-step detailed immersive experiences through augmented and mixed reality.

3D Digital Virtual training delivers results

50 %

Reduction in new hire training time

8 %

Reduction in rework

47 %

Reduction in Downtime

CDS Mentor’s Key Advantages

Mentor helps manufacturing companies improve their efficiency

Quickly and easily create interactive 3D learning content

CDS Mentor provides an easy way to capture best practices from experts to create immersive step-by-step 3D work instructions from your existing CAD data. By offering an intuitive no-code interface, CDS Mentor enables content authors to quickly create rich, interactive 3D content that provides crucial information to frontline workers.

Create ISO compliant step-by-step 3D work instructions to document procedures for worker training across teams, shifts, and locations.

Onboard new workers with immersive 3D learning that adapts to their style of learning. Upskill quickly with 3D work instructions that reduce the errors associated with traditional training and instruction methods.

CDS Mentor makes it easy for subject matter experts to document their tribal knowledge and deliver it to frontline workers.

Digitize manufacturing and field service processes to empower frontline workers to deliver improvements in quality, safety, and productivity.

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Where CDS Mentor adds value

Mentor empowers Manufacturing Engineers by adding value to their key operations

Mentor pricing

Included Viewer Seats15Unlimited
Included Author Seats210
Annual Price$11,400$36,000
Each Additional Viewer Seat: Annual Price$360N/A
Each Additional Author Seat: Annual Price$3,000$1,200

Mentor included features

Free Trial14 days
Storage (in GB)Unlimited
SupportHelp Center access, dedicated email support, dedicated onboarding support
# of instructionsUnlimited
3D EditorYes
Instant distributionYes
Single click publish to AppYes
Web appYes
iOS AR appComing soon
QR code generationYes
Pre-requisites procedureYes
Role based accessYes
Configurable notificationsComing soon
Standard reportingYes
User managementYes
SSO authenticationComing soon
Versioning and audit trailYes
Approval workflowsYes
MultilingualComing soon
Instruction feedbackYes
Customized logo and colorsYes
Team and user managementYes

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